Affiliated to: Hand To Hand Fighting Sport Asian Federation - HSAF

Member of: Hand To Hand Fighting Sport international Federation - HSIF

Recognised By: FIT India(ministry of Youth Affairs and Sport) Govt. of India

Regd. By: NITI Aayog ,MSME

About Hand to Hand Fighting Sport Federation Of India

HSFI India hand-to-hand fighting sport Federation” as the National Governing Body to control and develop hand-to-hand fighting sport Sport activities, in all age groups and styles both in male and female categories, in Republic India. HSIF India also has membership of Asian & International Federations working under Olympic Charter and Fold.
‘HSIF India ‘Hand To Hand Fighting Sport Federation of India’ is affiliated to hand-to-hand fighting sport International Federation (HSIF) International Federation head quartered in moscow,Russia. Due to its affiliation with HSIF (IF), “HSIF India Hand To Hand Fighting Sport Federation of India”, popularly known as “HSIF INDIA” is presently headed by Mr. Pradeep P Shinde as a President having its Registered National Office at No. 4, Khora, Matrika vihar, khoda colany, U.P - 291309, (India) and .Correspondence Address: Office No. 2, Shri Datta-Laxmi Complex, Sr.No.21/4, Kranti, Park, Kharadi, Pune, Maharashtra - 411014 (India)
HSIF (IF) has a global presence. Across the globe, total 65 countries are affiliated to HSIF (IF). By its persistent hard work, at present HSIF India has attained 13th position in world ranking and continuously making efforts to go close to the top global ranking. In Asian continent, HSIF India is at 3rd ranking among Asian countries.
HSIF India has 15 Affiliates across the country which includes States and Union Territories . Since their existence, all these Affiliated Associations are working very closely with their Sports Authorities and State Olympic Associations, defense forces for the development of hand-to-hand fighting sport in the country. All these 15 Affiliates have representations in their respective State through Associates at District level thus ensuring development of hand-to-hand fighting sport at village level.
HSIF India will conduct the competitions in the country with the help of our Affiliates.
HSIF India is regularly imparting technical education and upgrading all the concerned Referees and Coaches will conduct time to time by various technical seminars/training camps and events. Reputed famous International Referees and Coaches are being invited in these technical seminars and events to uplift the level of our Technical officials to International level.
HSIF India has made nation proud by participated in “World Cup 2021” senior hand-to-hand fighting sport Championships” held in Moscow, Russia in November 2021. Mr.Sumit Shrivastava is the first player who participated in “World Cup 2021”
This was indeed a proud moment for India where all the International community realized and appreciated by participating that, “India is having a great International potential in hand-to-hand fighting sport”. We proudly say that our efforts were well appreciated by HSIF (IF) and other countries.
Sport in India for celebration and declared 4 January as a “National hand-to-hand fighting sport Day” for the sport of hand-to-hand fighting sport in India.
The Mission: to make the Sport of Hand-to-Hand Fighting widely known and followed around the country . Our Goal is to have Hand-to-Hand Fighting Sport events feature on every Olympic Agenda as a recognized indian Olympic Sport!
With that in mind the Federation runs championships, tournaments, seminars for referees and training sessions for athletes, as well as demonstration fight shows in various state of the country. Our policy is not to compete, but cooperate with athletes from other martial arts.

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